02 Apr 2019

University outreach expands to help students apply for CalFresh

SF State’s Health Promotion and Wellness department expanded its outreach program to tackle food insecurity on campus by screening students for CalFresh eligibility thanks to recent government funding boosts. CalFresh,

05 Feb 2019

Funds could ease expensive living

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget aims to increase funding to CSUs by $300 million per year, and $15 million in one-time funding to help students who are experiencing food insecurity

18 Dec 2018

“Gator Grub Alerts” helps students find free food on campus

“Free food” is an eye-catching title for most college students, especially in San Francisco. According to Feeding America, as of 2016, more than 125,000 San Franciscans are food insecure. Much

25 Sep 2018

ASI pushes for permanent food pantry amid administration delays

Thousands of SF State students do not get enough to eat on a day-to-day basis, according to a recent report. Associated Student, Inc. is trying to address their needs, but

09 Apr 2018

Students protest the food insecurity issue

Students of SF State protest the issue on food insecurities amongst the student body on March 29. The students demanded that the department of student affairs and President’s office address

06 Apr 2018

SF State seeks sustainability

Sudents from a variety of environmentally-conscious groups on campus held their first Sustainability Assembly meeting on April 5 to discuss their concerns about environmental issues impacting student life on campus.

04 Mar 2017

ASI partners up with SF-Marin food bank to help feed hungry students

Associated Students Incorporated and the SF-Marin food bank launched a pop-up food pantry on campus to address food insecurity among students. ASI, which is in charge of the weekly farmers