16 Dec 2016

The role of sexism in Clinton’s campaign

Five weeks from today, the United States will inaugurate President-elect Donald Trump. SF State chimes in on why they think Hillary Clinton lost the race and what role sexism played

13 Nov 2016

Voting system questioned in wake of close election

Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election but millions of people aren’t ready to throw in the towel and accept that fact just yet. Many are demanding changes to

09 Nov 2016

Trump’s scandals are more terrifying than Hillary’s

When I visited my family this past weekend, mere days before the presidential election, the first thing my father asked me was whether I was still voting for the “criminal.”

26 Oct 2016

Trump blurs line between entertainment and politics

Remember when you were told as a kid that if you ignore someone, they’ll just go away? Well America has done a really terrible job of ignoring Donald Trump. We’ve

03 Feb 2016

The influence of the first presidential primary shouldn’t be limited to Iowa

The mind of the average voter during the United States presidential primary season is an incredibly fickle thing. Though some people inform themselves on important issues and every candidate’s positions,

06 Oct 2015

Hillary is not my feminist

It’s 2015, and it is time for a female president in the White House. As a feminist, I am glad Hillary Clinton rose to the challenge— well, not really. One