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Africana studies major finds activism in music

November 7, 2018 Latest Life News 0 Comments

The SF State strikers in 1968 sought to include more diversity in a whitewashed curriculum and to pressure the university to hire more professors and administrators who represent marginalized communities. Fifty years later, the newly-elected SF State Black Student Union coordinator says the music he creates is in direct alignment with the energy of that ...

New student group brings hip-hop culture to campus

November 10, 2015 Life

On a glowing TV set in a quiet living room in Gothenburg, Sweden, an MC dressed in a black turtleneck and trench coat strutted across the screen. A small, 10-year-old girl sat transfixed as the MC bounced to the rhythm of the synthesizers before staring the camera down with a challenging, confident gaze. Her eyes lingered for a beat until Feven, Sweden’s ...