07 Feb 2018

International perspectives upset by SF homeless

On a peculiarly warm winter day at SF State, when the noon sun was highest in the sky, students flocked to the quad in crowding numbers, filling the area as

13 Apr 2017

International students showcase their home countries at Study Abroad Fair

SF State’s annual Study Abroad Fair was held in the quad on Tuesday and Wednesday to highlight different countries students have the opportunity to study in as a part of

30 Mar 2017

Suspension of H-1B visa premium processing impacts SF State community

Correction: The print version of this article states incorrectly that Airi Furuuchi is currently in the U.S. with an H-1B visa. Furuuchi plans to apply for this type of visa.

21 Feb 2017

Language exchange program brings different cultures together

Many SF State students are trying their hand at a new language with 13 different language classes held weekly on campus for free. The service is organized by the International

07 Feb 2017

SF State welcomes 221 international exchange students (with Interactive Map)

This Spring 2017, SF State welcomes 221 new international students from around the world who will study here for the next 6-to-12 months. Each student has chosen to attend SF

05 Nov 2013

Taiwanese alumni establish scholarship fund for SF State students

Taiwanese alumni have joined forces with SF State to bring more Taiwanese students to the University. The Taiwan chapter of the SF State Alumni Association has established a scholarship fund