12 Dec 2018

New sensei to take over SF State judo club in 2019

The SF State judo club will see a changing of the guard as a new sensei will take over in the spring of 2019. The current sensei is Yevgeniy Sosnovskiy,

17 Oct 2018

SF State judo looking into practice with UC Berkeley

Judo club is back and has big plans for the upcoming semester. Nick Mitchell, the judo club president, discussed the possibility of setting up an open mat practice with other colleges such as UC Berkeley. Mitchell also said that members of the club want to enter into City College of San Francisco’s annual judo tournament. Phillip Kilmer is one of those members eager to compete. A brown belt, Kilmer has never competed in judo and wants to test his skills. Another goal for the judo club is to have more team building exercises. Next weekend the club plans to go on a hike. The goal of these off campus events is to build chemistry within the club as well as exercising.

30 Mar 2014

Beyond psychology: professor coached Judo at Olympic level

David Matsumoto wasn’t interested in the sport of Judo when he first started at seven years old. But being the youngest of three boys, he was expected to follow in