15 Oct 2018

Travis Scott: A rager for a new generation

“‘99 took Astroworld, it had to relocate – Told the dogs I’d bring it back; it was a seal of faith,” proclaims Travis Scott on his track “Stargazing” off his

10 Oct 2018

Make social media normal again

Kanye West, or should I say Ye West, has proved it all. From musical mogel to fashion designer and now ex-social media icon, the “College Dropout” artist even went back

23 Feb 2016

Kanye’s ego shines through on new album

Kanye West has unapologetically put his ego on full blast in his new album, “The Life of Pablo.” I’m not one who agrees with everything he says or does, but

09 Feb 2016

Shaming men for anal stimulation promotes inequality and homophobia

Anal sex isn’t anything new, and, regardless of sexual orientation, many men aren’t afraid of a little backdoor action from time to time. We’ve seen various references to butt exploration in

11 Oct 2015

Obama and Kanye West campaign for democratic dollars in San Francisco

President Barack Obama spoke about current issues in America such as gun laws, immigration and the presidential election  at The Warfield Saturday. The speech, which included appearances by Kanye West and the