03 Sep 2019

San Francisco Chief of Police apologizes to LGBTQ+ community

Chief of Police William Scott delivered a historic apology Aug. 26 to the city’s LGBTQ+ community on behalf of the San Francisco Police Department. “We are here tonight to reflect

17 Dec 2018

RuPaul’s Drag Race takes on the inclusion of transgender queens

Gia Gunn is the first transgender queen cast on “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars” following statements suggesting transgender queens would be ineligible to participate. The latest season premiered on Friday,

03 Nov 2018

Troye Sivan conquered ‘20gayteen’

Nearing the end of his North American ‘Bloom’ tour, Troye Sivan dazzled during his first of two sold-out shows at the Masonic Auditorium. “When I was recording ‘Bloom,’ I would

19 Sep 2018

Poetry Center hosts award-winning queer writers

On Thursday, Sept. 13, the critically acclaimed SF State Poetry Center hosted Whiting Award 2018 recipients, Brontez Purnell, and Tommy Pico, both prolific writers within contemporary LGBTQ+ spoken word and

25 Apr 2018

Free HIV and STI testing at SF State

The Health Promotion and Wellness unit and SF Aids Foundation united together to provide free HIV and STI screenings to LGBTQ+ students at SF State. Jose Francisco, a health education

19 Mar 2018

Swapping tags

The Fifth Annual Clothing Swap at SF State is an opportunity for students to get rid of old clothes, discover some new wardrobe pieces and be a part of a

14 Mar 2018

Open Mic provides safe space

To some, the popular song “Express Yourself,” written and sung by Charles Wright and The Watts, is more than just a song to SF State’s LGBTQ+ students. It’s a safe

21 Feb 2018

Exhibit explores LGBTQ community

SF State’s design space is exhibiting an interactive installation where members of the LGBTQ community are featured through hand-drawn portraits in an effort to emphasize the dynamic history of the

06 Dec 2017

More LGBTQ+ visibility can lower stigmas

From the legalization of same sex marriage to the inception of all-gender public restrooms, this nation has made some remarkable progress when it comes to accepting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals

13 Mar 2017

A Day Without Womxn: SF State’s Spin on the National Event

Students and allies gathered in Malcolm X Plaza to recognize “A Day Without Womxn” Tuesday afternoon. “We want to represent women who can’t leave school or work,” said 19-year-old Chloe

17 Dec 2016

Brave: Safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community at SF State

SF State students share their coming out stories and explore the importance of “safe zones” for the LGBTQ+ community.

16 Dec 2016

SF State’s library hosts post-election LGBTQ+ community discussion

This past Wednesday, SF State’s Paul J. Leonard library housed a discussion regarding the current state of health and welfare within the LGBTQ+ community. Mickey Eliason, assistant dean of Faculty

02 Nov 2016

Research fuels evaluation of campus climate for LGBTQ+ students

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story had misspellings of the names “Darius Bost” and “Colleen Hoff.” Additionally, the acronym “CREGS” was missing an “S” at the end.  Students, staff

21 Oct 2016

LGBT History Month forgets own history

When you visit the LGBT History Month’s website, you’re presented with a list of 31 famous members of the community, one for each day of the month. These icons, as

19 Oct 2016

LGBTQ+ filmmakers screen documentary for National Coming Out Day

When beginning their documentary, S. Leo Chiang and Johnny Symons decided on the title first — a title meant to represent outrunning bigotry and running forward into progress. “Out Run”

07 Apr 2016

Multi-published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman was six years old when she first started putting pen to paper, and has not stopped writing since. At first it was a portrait of the history of

04 Apr 2016

Trans people need more than a day of mourning

March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility. If you weren’t aware, or didn’t even know that such a day existed, that’s understandable. It’s typical for trans people to be invisible, at

29 Mar 2016

Underserved Bisexual Students More Likely to Binge Drink, Study Finds

LGBTQ-affirming environments are ineffective in protecting bisexual students from already higher rates of alcohol abuse, according to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Researchers

17 Nov 2015

Education is the only way to root out transphobia

Although San Francisco is often thought of a safe haven for LGBTQ community, the ugly reality of transphobic violence and discrimination tells a different story. Time and time again, we

10 Nov 2015

Secret love affairs: sexy or detrimental?

I’ve never dated a married man, but I imagine it feels a lot like dating someone who is in the closet. Coming into one’s own sexuality can be a beautiful

30 Sep 2015

Transgender students report highest levels of sexual assault

Transgender and gender-nonconforming students experience higher levels of sexual assault, according to the Association of American Universities’ Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct released Sept. 21. In the

06 May 2015

Mobile app finds gender-neutral bathrooms for nonconforming people

Click through the above image to see where gender-neutral bathrooms are located on campus.  Data collected from sfsu.edu (Produced by Eva Barragan). Deciding which restroom to walk into isn’t normally

17 Apr 2015

President Wong lifts controversial ban on University travel to Indiana

SF State President Leslie E. Wong lifted the ban on University-funded travel to Indiana Friday. The lift of the ban would take effect immediate, Wong said in a mass email.  Wong implemented

11 Nov 2014

Loss of only lesbian bar in San Francisco defines the diminishing queer culture

San Francisco’s queer community is shrinking rapidly and it represents the fast death of the city’s culture. The Lexington Club in the Mission is the city’s only lesbian bar and

18 May 2014

SF State’s second annual Lavender Graduation celebrates the accomplishments of the LGBTQQIA on campus

When most people imagine lavender, they imagine a flower, or a purplish hue. But for many queer graduates at SF State, lavender represents something more personal: an accomplishment. Forty-nine graduating

21 Feb 2014

“Queer Your Rights” conference educates LGBT students on rights for housing, employment

[set_id=72157641286296534] The Queer Resource Center put on the first “Queer Your Rights” conference last Thursday in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. The event was hosted by the Queer Resource Center, in

05 Feb 2014

Professor documents transgender Filipina running for Congress in Manila

An SF State cinema professor’s documentary shows the world of LGBTQ political struggles from the view of a transgender woman running for office in the Philippines. Director Johnny Symons is

26 Aug 2013

LGBTQ activists contend for rights beyond marriage equality

The recent Supreme Court decision repealing Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act in June moved the LGBTQ community one step closer to equality and set off celebrations across

26 Jun 2013

Supreme Court dismisses Prop. 8, SF celebrates

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage went viral Wednesday morning with groundbreaking news for gay rights advocates. The high court struck out DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), a

26 May 2013

SF State gators float into Pride parade

This year SF State will once again be joining one of the country’s largest LGBTQ celebrations at the San Francisco Pride parade June 30 — and this time with a float.

24 May 2013

Queer Resource Center hosts first inaugural Lavender Graduation

[HTML1] Saturday May 18, 40 graduating students of SF State’s queer community, along with their supporting friends and families, gathered to attend the first Lavender Graduation at SF State. In light

09 May 2013

LGBTQ community converges with immigration reform movement

Rosario Castro had to come out twice in her life. The first time, she came out as a lesbian when she was 15. Nine years later she came out of the

05 Mar 2013

SF State Pride Prom provides LGBTQ community with party on campus

At 36, Vincent Mares was finally given the opportunity to participate in a tradition most experience in their high school years. “I never went to my high school prom, but

28 Jan 2013

PODCAST: Long-awaited Queer Resource Center excites LGBTQ community

Cassidy Barrington calls the Inland Empire the “bible belt” of California. Growing up there she first started to explore her sexuality and her queer identity by joining her high school’s