To infinity and beyond 10 years: C Lo’s Movie Reviews

May 2, 2018 Opinion

It’s all come down to this. 10 years in the making, from 2008’s “Iron Man” all the way up to this February’s “Black Panther” — that’s almost half of my life. The Marvel cinematic universe has always brought joy to me with every new film that builds upon their franchise. I’ve grown up with these ...

Girls like Captain America too

May 3, 2016 Opinion

Growing up, I had an assortment of Barbie computer games, official Barbie Christmas ornaments and, of course, dozens of actual Barbie dolls. I loved Barbie’s life in plastic. It was fantastic. I could brush her hair and undress her everywhere. Imagination, life was my creation. I felt very insecure about my interests as a child. ...

Audiences groan over excessive Hollywood remakes

October 6, 2015 Opinion

Whenever a Hollywood reboot, sequel or spinoff is announced, you can hear the faint sounds of a million angry people screaming about today’s unoriginal movie market. If you listen closely enough, you can even hear the shrieks of people pleading with Hollywood to stop remaking their favorite childhood movies. The freshest screams stem from the new, animated Ghostbusters movie ...