13 Sep 2018

Anticipated bestseller hits the silver screen

“A Simple Favor” is finally coming to theaters. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in this mysterious book turned movie. The movie is about two polar opposite moms that each

15 May 2018

‘Overboard’ manages to stay afloat

The 1987 Gary Marshall romantic comedy, “Overboard,” has been revamped with a new script and cast that answers the call for a more diverse, modern approach and all-around 2018 appropriate.

25 Apr 2018

Return of the troopers

It’s always fun to see old friends again, especially when you know they make you laugh. Seventeen years later, Vermont gets its finest police force back. Make no mistake. During

25 Apr 2018

Netflix and chill, Cannes

Millennials will agree there is just something fundamentally right or comforting about streaming platforms. The idea of almost free, unlimited movies and TV shows, available on a multitude of almost

17 Apr 2018

El Podcast

El Podcast is a bi-weekly show that focuses on pop culture, current events and everything in between. Hosted by Valeria Mejia and Monserrath Arreola, two spunky Latina journalist studying at

11 Apr 2018

“A Quiet Place” whispers something new

I think we all take the sense of hearing for granted far too much. We never appreciate the subtleties of how far audio has made strides within the film industry.

11 Nov 2017

‘Thor’ manages without Mjolnir

Four years after the not so well-received “Thor: The Dark World,” “Thor: Ragnarok” looks to move the God of Thunder’s franchise to a more fun, hilarious and exciting environment of

01 Nov 2017

Top 5 hidden Netflix horror movies

Halloween is approaching, which means certain spooky traditions that people hold dear are beginning. One of those traditions include screenings for horror movies. Ghosts, monsters and evil things run amok

12 Apr 2017

SFFilm Festival focuses on women in cinema

Alternative visions of womanhood are taking center stage at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival. More than 50 movies showing at this year’s SFFilm Festival were directed by women.

18 May 2016

Ethnic studies documentary premiers at the right time

Black and white archival footage of students marching, with fists held high, captures the racially-charged conditions on college campuses in the late 1960s in a new documentary that made its

23 Feb 2016

Cis actors continue to take credit for trans rights

When I heard the news that a movie would be made based on the life of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe, I was cautiously optimistic. When I heard that Eddie Redmayne,

03 Feb 2016

Oscar nominees spark strong opinions amongst cinema students and faculty

This year’s Academy Awards nominations were greeted with a large amount of controversy after it was revealed that every actor and actress that received a major nomination was white. #OscarsStillSoWhite began trending