16 May 2012

Mr. Fix It: Finding less crowded study areas at SF State

While I was enjoying my last day of the semester, vaguely listening to the professor give his final lecture while giving my full attention to Facebook, I realized my work

09 May 2012

Mr. Fix It: Understaffing a contributor to fix-it problems at SF State

In my short time of trying to fix things at SF State, I’ve gotten away with being a few minutes late to classes due to malfunctioning clocks. I’ve seen restrooms at

25 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: Finding a solution for faster Wi-Fi at SF State

I was in the Mr. Fix it headquarters the other day, excited to try on various outfits in hopes of finding the official Mr. Fix It uniform. I checked the

23 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: Cleaning up after yourself in campus bathrooms

As I made my way toward a restroom in the Business Building, I was told many times to stay away, but I reassured myself I was going. I entered and

09 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: No time wasted on repairing campus clocks

The day started off like any other day. I arrived 10 minutes early for my 8 a.m. class after having studied deep into the night. I decided to put my