12 Dec 2011

PHOTOS: Occupy movement attempts to shut down Port of Oakland

Supporters of the Occupy movement gathered at the West Oakland BART station at 5 a.m. today as part of a coordinated effort to shut down all major ports along the

12 Dec 2011

Occupy movement set to shut down Port of Oakland

Occupy demonstrators are attempting to shut down every major port along the West Coast this morning, including the Port of Oakland. Protesters are hoping to make a statement and cause

01 Dec 2011

Hacktivism: the intersection of advocacy and technology

Anyone who has attended protests or been involved with activism in the last few years can tell you: The times, they are a changin’. Tools of activists used to include

31 Oct 2011

Tensions rise in Occupy Oakland, Occupy SF protests

Bright flashes of light, ear-piercing explosions and rising smoke might be considered ordinary in the middle of a war zone, but these were the sights and sounds in downtown Oakland

26 Oct 2011

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Occupy Oakland protesters clash with riot police

Oakland police in riot gear attempted to disperse protesters gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza Tuesday night, citing unlawful assembly. During this removal, tensions flared between the Occupy Oakland gathering and