22 Jan 2012

PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street West takes to the streets of the Financial District

Protesters took part in demonstrations against large banks and corporations Friday in several parts of San Francisco and around the Bay Area. The goal of the planned demonstration, billed as

26 Nov 2011

Occupy SF protesters clash with Black Friday shoppers

Occupy SF and Black Friday shoppers were at odds Friday evening as protesters tried to spread their message about corporate greed by blocking entrances to some major retailers on one

31 Oct 2011

Tensions rise in Occupy Oakland, Occupy SF protests

Bright flashes of light, ear-piercing explosions and rising smoke might be considered ordinary in the middle of a war zone, but these were the sights and sounds in downtown Oakland

16 Oct 2011

PHOTOS: OccupySF protesters block entrance of Wells Fargo headquarters

At least ten protesters were arrested today during OccupySF’s latest demonstration against corporate greed, according to police. Protesters gathered to block the entrance to the Wells Fargo headquarters at 400

11 Oct 2011

PHOTOS: Demonstrators against the Afghanistan war join Occupy SF

Several hundred protesters against the Afghanistan war rallied alongside Occupy SF protesters on Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of the war. The two groups of demonstrators each held their

10 Oct 2011

Occupy SF protests still a strong presence in city

At 101 Market St. in front of the Federal Reserve, people have been persuading onlookers to join them in defending the 99 percent, referring to the idea that 1 percent of