The Journey of Composing

December 14, 2017 Life Multimedia News

Star Wars inspired him. After he watched Star Wars Episode IV, he started making short films by himself. Then began composing the music for those films. Now, he enjoys composing orchestra songs, making films, flying a drone, photographing amd drawing pictures. A SF State graduating cinema student, Tasuku Odaka, held his last concert at De ...

15-year-old pianist wins first in SF State professor’s competition

September 10, 2013 Life

[set_id=72157635468719399] The crowd fell silent and gazed toward center stage as the pianist, Alex Chien, sat at the black grand piano. His fingers tapped the black and white keys and his head followed the melody of Franz Liszt’s “Rhapsodie Espagnole.” At the end of his performance, he rose and thanked the clapping audience, including his dad ...