19 Feb 2019

Women candidates vie for election

In light of President’s Day, candidate announcements for the 2020 presidency continue to grow. Over 523 candidates have filed to run with the Federal Election Commission, 13 of those candidates

26 Oct 2016

Linguist frames presidential debate

“Trump uses the brains of others to his advantage. He has 50 years of experience as a self-interested salesman,” said former UC Berkeley linguistics professor and author George Lakoff during

19 Oct 2016

Demetri Martin jokes for votes at registration event and comedy show

As volunteers stood outside the entrance of Jack Adams hall speaking to students about props and voter registration, attendees piled into the hall filling the rows of chairs facing the

03 Feb 2016

The influence of the first presidential primary shouldn’t be limited to Iowa

The mind of the average voter during the United States presidential primary season is an incredibly fickle thing. Though some people inform themselves on important issues and every candidate’s positions,