01 Feb 2013

CSUs prepare for no tuition increase in Fall 2013

The California State University system plans to keep tuition at its current rates for the Fall 2013 semester after Gov. Jerry Brown released a state budget proposal allocating an additional

15 Nov 2012

Delayed fee votes prove student activism matters

This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to the CSU’s budget. Students scored a monumental victory with the passage of Proposition 30, as California

14 Nov 2012

CSU Board of Trustees delays proposed fee votes

The California State University Board of Trustees has shelved the controversial fee vote which was set to take place Nov. 14 in the wake of the passage of Proposition 30.

07 Nov 2012

Voters likely to pass Prop. 30

Victory for Proposition 30 — Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure intended to prevent massive cuts in state funding to education — looked likely Tuesday night as votes continued to be

02 Nov 2012

Vote 'yes' on Prop. 30 to save higher education

From debates to attack ads to those pesky emails from Joe Biden asking for a couple bucks, it’s been hard to step out of bed the last couple months without

30 Oct 2012

Prop. 30 to give students helping hand with tuition woes

The life of a student isn’t what it used to be. With overcrowded classrooms, limited financial aid and increased tuition costs, higher education in California is barely staying afloat. It’s

20 Sep 2012

UPDATE: Cal State Board of Trustees approves 5 percent tuition increase if Prop. 30 fails

UPDATE Sept. 20: The California State University Board of Trustees approved a 5 percent tuition increase and a $250 million cut to the CSU system yesterday if Proposition 30 fails.