Proud Boys

Peaceful Berkeley rally sparks conversation but offers no solution

April 29, 2017 News

Despite a handful of minor arrests and several enthusiastic debates, the “alt-right” rally in Berkeley on Thursday ended on a surprisingly peaceful note. In stark contrast to rallies and protests since February, conversations and handshakes transpired between opposing parties and there was no sign of the violence that plagued recent protests. The civility may have ...

Dissecting the de-evolution of 4chan and the rise of the alt-right

March 29, 2017 Opinion 4 Comments

“This new faith has emerged from a bizarre fusion of the cultural bohemianism of San Francisco with the hi-tech industries of Silicon Valley,” wrote Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron in their 1995 paper “The Californian Idealogy.” The “new faith” was a strange hybrid of Reaganomics and New Left idealism, which would produce a no-holds-barred and ...