28 Aug 2019

Photo series provides snapshot of San Francisco queer identities

Sonia Nicklès rolled up to photographer Lauren Tabak’s house on a $5 skateboard she bought in the Castro, decorated with stickers of gay icons like pro skater Brian Anderson. Soon

16 Oct 2017

Two SF State students put together an art showcase to strengthen community

Art and activism were prevalent at a SF State student-curated show in the Mission District. Jules Retzlaff, a cinema major, and Lilith King-Smithson, an Africana studies and multimedia double major,

04 Oct 2017

Queer student against machismo

Inspired by his roots on a recent trip to Mexico, Cinema major Nicolas Jara intends to represent the queer Latino community with his new film Guardian.   Jara decided to

12 Sep 2017

Gallery hosts queer conceptual art show

“Queer Virality” held its opening reception in the Associated Students Inc. art gallery on Friday, Sept. 8, which displayed conceptual art from several different artists. Renae Moua, the show’s curator,

12 Apr 2016

The Bathroom Bill: Toddlers and Lawmakers Agree

In a display of childlike ignorance, North Carolina State Rep. Ken Goodman muddled the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation during an interview with NPR Tuesday morning. The segment

07 Apr 2016

Multi-published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman was six years old when she first started putting pen to paper, and has not stopped writing since. At first it was a portrait of the history of

29 Mar 2016

Underserved Bisexual Students More Likely to Binge Drink, Study Finds

LGBTQ-affirming environments are ineffective in protecting bisexual students from already higher rates of alcohol abuse, according to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Researchers

09 Feb 2016

Shaming men for anal stimulation promotes inequality and homophobia

Anal sex isn’t anything new, and, regardless of sexual orientation, many men aren’t afraid of a little backdoor action from time to time. We’ve seen various references to butt exploration in

28 Oct 2015

Anti-queer organizations continue to support hate

People who support companies that donate to anti-queer organizations are also promoting anti-queer causes. Stopping at Memories Pizza, a restaurant who has been openly discriminatory against gay couples, on a vacation to