19 Feb 2019

Religious holiday list incites rally, demands for apology

Students and community members called for a public apology at a campus rally Feb. 13, after administration recognized Israel Indepen- dence Day as a religious holiday. In an email response

13 Feb 2019

Inclusion of Israeli political holiday sparks protest

Student and community voices sliced through wind and rain on Feb. 13, protesting the university administration’s decision to recognize Israeli Independence Day as a religious holiday on campus. At the

02 May 2017

The Paleta Man: symbol of unity at ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ rally

At the foot of San Francisco City Hall, “A Day Without Immigrants” marchers, activists and allies rallied around an unconventional symbol for immigrant worker rights: the paleta man. Just before

29 Apr 2017

Peaceful Berkeley rally sparks conversation but offers no solution

Despite a handful of minor arrests and several enthusiastic debates, the “alt-right” rally in Berkeley on Thursday ended on a surprisingly peaceful note. In stark contrast to rallies and protests

18 Apr 2017

Patriot’s Day Rally turns violent

A Patriots Day rally in Berkeley turned violent on Saturday April 15, 2017 as Trump supporters and white supremacists clashed with a group of black bloc protesters in Martin Luther

07 Mar 2017

The Fake News Watch: Hyper-Partisanship (Ep. 5)

  With alternative facts and fake news on the rise, The Fake News Watch is where we check the facts, call out the bullshit, and learn to identify the difference.

17 Dec 2016

San Francisco students and educators rally against Trump

Students and educators from different schools throughout San Francisco gathered on Friday afternoon at the Civic Center Plaza for a walkout, rally and march “to end Trump’s regime,” according to

09 Nov 2016

Trump wins, 200 students march

[slideshow_deploy id=’74302′] A crowd of around 200 students took to the streets in protest of President Elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night. “Fuck Donald Trump,” and

26 Apr 2016

‘Dump Trump’ rally advocates for voter registration

Almost forty students gathered in Malcolm X Plaza chanting “Dump Trump” during an anti-Trump rally Monday, April 25, holding signs with Donald Trump’s face crossed out and printed with the slogan. The

15 Apr 2016

Students rally for transparency at SF State

A group of around 25 students rallied on 19th and Holloway avenues Wednesday to bring attention to the wide range of issues affecting SF State as of late. Issues surrounding

16 Mar 2016

News Brief: Ethnic Studies students invite provost to sign demands

Provost Sue Rosser refused to sign the list of demands presented to her by the students of the College of Ethnic Studies at a rally Wednesday. Nearly 200 students and faculty

01 Mar 2016

Students and faculty rally as potential cuts threaten ethnic studies

      Students and faculty rally after a tension filled meeting with SF State President Leslie Wong regarding budget cuts in the College of Ethnic studies. Read the full

26 Feb 2016

Students and faculty meet with President Wong as potential cuts loom for Ethnic Studies

[slideshow_deploy id=’70842′] Students clad in black and red hurried around the halls of the Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building early Thursday morning with flyers still warm from the printer, as