18 Dec 2018

MGM Boyz music collective prepares to release rap albums

MGM Boyz, a musical collective of SF State students, originally gained fame from throwing parties in a Parkmerced townhome. Now their music is about to take the spotlight. MGM stands

07 Nov 2018

Get Live hits The Depot stage tomorrow for a hip-hop concert

The Depot will be hosting Get Live! A hip-hop concert performed by SF State students and a local artist. SF State’s very own Jay “Bombay” Bodii, who will be hosting

18 Oct 2018

Off Top Tuesday, where depression, drugs and history mix

From sex, depression, drugs and heritage, no topic was left undiscussed at The Depot last night. Going off of words in a mystery envelope or vibing off the rapper next

20 Sep 2018

Eminem vs. MGK beef shows no signs of slowing down

There are always celebrity feuds occurring in Hollywood, but the most recent; and most entertaining has been between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Otherwise known as MGK. Since Eminem has

18 Sep 2018

Rolling Loud takes on the Bay Area

The all-around hyphy nature the Bay Area is known for returned to the Oakland Coliseum for the third annual Rolling Loud Festival. The festival drew in a powerhouse of names

15 Feb 2018

Scripts and soundscapes

As someone who doesn’t watch many movies, I couldn’t give the most informed answer as to how diverse and meaningful soundtracks are to films. What I do know is that

14 Feb 2018

Rappers ditch lean to bring awareness

Codeine, also known as lean, has been sensationalized by the rap community making it popular with college students. An SF State student, who would like to remain anonymous, said the

15 Dec 2017

25 years later, still dope

I always wondered if Dr. Dre was a philosopher when I was younger but now I finally understand what the Doc meant when he said, “This is dedicated to the

15 Nov 2017

Seeing an artist early on may be the best time to do so

I attended my first concert in 2011, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It was a Big Sean show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco during his “I Am

17 Oct 2017

Mumble rap or crumbling rap?

I once protected hip hop’s values –– I was the one championing supreme lyricism. My favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco, so if anyone wasn’t in that same wordplay stratosphere, I

05 Apr 2016

Misogyny in our society nearly kills R&B artist Kehlani

Celebrity news has seen yet another case of slut-shaming and double standards this past week. R&B singer Kehlani was accused of cheating on her boyfriend Kyrie Irving with her ex,