19 May 2013

Legalized industrial hemp benefits environment

There’s a certain green plant with a reputation for its psychedelic effects and was known to help Bob Marley get through his days. Marijuana gets all the fame, but lesser known

05 May 2013

Cloud storage's negative impact outweighs the positive

Data coverage, or cloud storage, is a model of networked online pools of storage where data is saved and usually hosted by third parties. The “hosts” are companies like Google

28 Apr 2013

Irresponsible medicine disposal harms the environment

It’s no secret that the medications prescribed by doctors aren’t always healthy for us, but their disposal is even harmful for the environment. Whether it’s through the natural process of

21 Apr 2013

Hybrid cars may not always be so eco-friendly

SF State is a commuter campus, which means many students use public transportation or drive to campus to attend classes. Some students find themselves feeling particularly “green” while driving to school in

14 Apr 2013

Plastic buildup becomes environmental nightmare

It’s a nice summer day, 85 degrees and sunny. You decide to go to the beach, not only to show off your new summer bod, but to cool off for

07 Apr 2013

True organic food benefits environment, sustainability

Farmers’ markets and the organic food isle have become a popular destination for growing families, the healthy eater and the environmentally conscious alike. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,

24 Mar 2013

Cigarette butt littering adversely affects environment

Warning: this content contains material that may not be suitable for those who have an addiction to cigarettes but those who care about the environment should keep reading. Accordingly, the author

17 Mar 2013

Unplugging unused appliances saves money, environment

It has two, sometimes three, protruding teeth that suck energy right out of its host. It’s probably around your house, slowly leeching away as you read this. It sounds like something straight

10 Mar 2013

Overconsumption of food wastes money, creates more pollution

The refrigerator door swings open and a robust odor hits you like a ton of bricks completely disorienting your senses. What is that smell? It’s rotten food. Was it the

03 Mar 2013

Overpopulation calls for responsible consumption, family planning

Being that 65.5 percent of SF State students are upperclassmen, there’s no doubt they are thinking about the future and taking the next steps into adulthood. These plans could include

24 Feb 2013

Planned obsolescence shortens longevity of electronics

According to the 2012 Accenture Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report, the highest selling products in 2012 were smart phones, high-definition TVs, computers and tablet PCs. About 23 percent

17 Feb 2013

Greenwashing misleads consumers' decisions

Imagine you stumble upon a clear container filled with bright green dish soap. It reads: “for every bottle of soap you buy, twenty cents will be donated to help save giant kapok

10 Feb 2013

Being watchful of beef consumption has environmental benefits

Found on a cornucopia of menus, present at barbeques and at our favorite restaurants, burgers, chili, kabobs and meatloaf are just some of the hardy beef entrees that are staples