Student explores Satanism

April 25, 2018 Life

Since he was a kid, Shea Bilé says he has lived in a mystic world. Growing up in a haunted house, being exposed to disembodied voices, incidents of dreams, flickering lights, visits from his late great grandfather that brought the spontaneous smell of fresh cut roses. “My mother was pretty mystical. She was a self-proclaimed ...

Muslim student association host Islam awareness week

April 12, 2016 Multimedia

SF State’s Muslim Students Association held Islam Awareness Week March 28 to April 1. Their week-long activities included guest speakers talking about Islamophobia, a question and answer discussion about Islam, and their Jumma prayer on Fridays that was open to all students and guests. “Unfortunately, a lot of current events and media have misconceptions on ...

Bible thumpers should hate less and love more

February 23, 2016 Opinion 1 Comment

I’ve always had a strong, “you-do-you” policy when it comes to religion. You do you, and you believe in what you want, as long as you aren’t harming anyone. Growing up, I remember sitting in my Sunday school class and thinking, “Hey guys, this isn’t for me. You all look ridiculous with your hands in ...