16 May 2013

Cellphone theft afflicts San Francisco

Celina Curato bitterly remembers the times her phones have been stolen. Once at a club and another on the bus on her way home from SF State. “It was super

13 May 2013

Bay to Breakers bans backpacks after Boston bombings

When Bay to Breakers officials announced that this year’s race would now include backpacks to its list of banned items, Bob Hearn didn’t mind. The 47-year-old software company CEO wasn’t

10 May 2013

Small businesses succeed more often in San Francisco

Much like marriage, small businesses have a high failure rate. According to statistics by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 56 percent of small businesses are destined to fail within their

23 Apr 2013

New LGBTQ safe zones aim to reduce crime, increase security

Tommi Mecca still doesn’t totally trust the police. For years, Mecca said the police harassed him and others for being gay. “I’m 61, and I grew up in a time when we

11 Apr 2013

UP2CODE app enables citizens to report violations in SF

The City Attorney’s Office officially jumped on the technology bandwagon when it announced a new smartphone app that allows users to report non-emergency violations directly to code enforcement offices. Officially launched

19 Mar 2013

Drug trends evolve at SF State

With midterms approaching, students are advised to study hard and be prepared. “Paul” takes this advice to the extreme. The 21-year-old political science major started stocking up on amphetamine pills

17 Mar 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade attracts hundreds for celebration

Though Ireland may be more than 6,000 miles away, this doesn’t stop San Francisco from taking part in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. On Saturday, March 16, hundreds gathered to watch

13 Mar 2013

SF State's guide to St. Patrick's Day events

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here again and the events are endless. Since the early 1800s, San Francisco has bathed itself in green clothing and pints of Guinness to celebrate this

04 Dec 2012

VIDEO: Shooting instructor Walter Biondi hopes to keep lone SF gun club open

Walter Biondi is 94 years old. He joined the Pacific Rod and Gun Club in 1980 after his retirement, and he teaches skeet shooting at the club for almost 20 years. The

19 Oct 2012

Supervisor Wiener's nudity ban would strip San Francisco's culture

From Bay to Breakers to Folsom Street Fair and SF Pride Parade, people flock to the city to see what San Francisco’s culture is about. It’s fairly safe to say

17 Oct 2012

San Francisco on track for zero waste goal

What do a banana peel, an empty soda can and that essay you never picked up last semester have in common? They’re all trash, and in San Francisco, they have

02 Oct 2012

First case of West Nile virus in 7 years reported in San Francisco

A San Francisco man has been infected with the West Nile virus, marking the city’s first case in seven years. The man was likely infected by a mosquito in the