06 Dec 2017

Lockers run vacant in the Science Building

Lockers, which usually fill up within the first week of school, are still available inside the Science Building. SF State engineering stockroom equipment technician Michael Lino said that some students

16 Apr 2014

UPDATE: Parts of Science Building scheduled to re-open in two weeks

SF State officials are scheduling staggered times for faculty and staff to enter the Science Building April 28, according to Ron Cortez, vice president and chief financial officer of administration

11 Mar 2014

UPDATED: Faculty and staff to reoccupy Science Building in late April

Part of the SF State Science Building will reopen this spring after the discovery of toxic chemicals prompted its closure earlier this year, according to SF State President Leslie E. Wong. “Remediation

18 Feb 2014

Science Building town hall meeting concludes no health hazards for students

Michael Buelna, a Zoology major, asks a question to the speakers at the town hall meeting on the science building closure, in SF State’s McKenna Theatre, Feb. 13, 2014. Buelna

05 Feb 2014

Science Building closure linked to contaminated artifacts from 2000

People in hazmat suits work in SF State’s Science Building, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. The building is closed after toxic chemicals were found inside. Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress

01 Feb 2014

Update: faculty and staff will get scheduled times to enter Science Building

SF State faculty and staff with offices and laboratories in the Science Building are to be scheduled a time to enter the premises for the retrieval of items. They must be accompanied

31 Jan 2014

American Language Institute is moved from Humanities after 20 years for lab space

[set_id=72157640334755605] The staff of the American Language Institute boxed up their belongings after being notified that their office would be relocated to the downtown campus in order to accommodate chemistry

29 Jan 2014

Staff and faculty allowed temporary entrance to Science Building for priority item retrieval

In a message from President Leslie E. Wong, two environmental safety firms have decided to allow  faculty and staff temporary entrance into the Science Building to select items for priority

29 Jan 2014

Toxic chemicals close Science Building, displaces more than 9,000 students and faculty for Spring 2014

[set_id=72157640272931174] Students and faculty members scrambled during the first week of classes while administration worked to find and furnish alternative spaces due to the closure of the Science building. The

14 Jan 2014

Building Closed for Spring ’14: Traces of mercury discovered in Science Building

UPDATE: Science Building is officially closed for the Spring 2014 semester, according to an email from Ellen Griffin as of Jan. 22, 2014. Mercury, asbestos and lead have been discovered