CSU mental health counselor bill sent to final vote

August 28, 2018 News 0 Comments

The California Faculty Association-sponsored Senate Bill 968, which would mandate the number of mental health counselors on CSU campuses, has been moved to a final vote this Friday. The bill would require all CSU campuses to meet the requirements of one mental health counselor for every 1,500 students for a full counseling staff. According to ...

Government shutdown review: the rundown on the shutdown in plain English

January 23, 2018 News

After three days of deadlock, President Donald Trump signed a bill on Monday temporarily ending the government shutdown until Feb 8. The shutdown began on Friday at midnight when a new budget bill failed to pass the Senate. This first bill would have extended government funding for another four weeks while congress worked on a ...

Planet Earth: Another loser in GOP tax bill

December 13, 2017 Opinion

Corporations and rich families came out victorious after Senate Republicans passed one of the most significant tax bills in decades on Saturday, Dec. 2. Buried in nearly 480 pages of convoluted, borderline illegible legislation is one major detail that has been skimmed over, which is that the tax bill could allow 1.5 million acres of ...