Star Wars

“The Force Awakens” is bound to disappoint

October 26, 2015 Opinion

A long, long time ago in a barn far, far away, the Virgin Mary gave birth to a little, bloody baby Jesus. Mary gave life to our lord and savior so we could eventually celebrate his birth with bright Christmas trees and overplayed Mariah Carey songs. But she did not push out a messiah so ...

Audiences groan over excessive Hollywood remakes

October 6, 2015 Opinion

Whenever a Hollywood reboot, sequel or spinoff is announced, you can hear the faint sounds of a million angry people screaming about today’s unoriginal movie market. If you listen closely enough, you can even hear the shrieks of people pleading with Hollywood to stop remaking their favorite childhood movies. The freshest screams stem from the new, animated Ghostbusters movie ...

Teaser: SF State Wind Ensemble’s special Star Wars multimedia show

December 11, 2013 Life

[HTML1] The San Francisco State Wind Ensemble will perform a special Star Wars multimedia show this Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013, in Knuth Hall. Clips from all 6 Star Wars films will be projected behind the ensemble while it performs selections from the series soundtrack. This is the first time the wind ensemble has incorporated multimedia assets ...