21 May 2019

Soon-to-be alumni ponder graduate school options

With commencement coming next week, graduating SF State students are getting ready to take the next step in their lives. For many that will mean beginning their professional careers and

30 Nov 2018

Make some time for self-care at the Holistic Health open house

Take a break from studying for finals to come to get some free food, listen to music and relieve stress. The Holistic Health Department has an open house on Monday,

11 Sep 2018

Laugh the stress away at The Depot

When due dates for assignments start to pile up and interfere with work schedules, stress for students can escalate quickly. Some students turn to comedy, whether it’s unwinding after class

04 Apr 2018

Breathe in, stress out

Stress is a term students are all too familiar with. With the hurdle of midterms barely surpassed, graduation sending seniors into emotional turmoil and finals just around the corner, it’s

15 Dec 2017

SF State students find solace in skateboarding

Emily Hernandez, Joshua Tarango and Fernando Ariniega talk about stress, finals and how they use skateboarding as an outlet from school’s pressures and studies. They talk about how important it

19 Feb 2015

Marginalized couples undergo stress, professor’s study shows

Sweat dampened Frankie Olivares’ palms as he linked hands with his partner and headed home from work. Even after a six-hour shift, the familiar feel of his boyfriend’s hand wasn’t enough to undo the

04 Sep 2013

SF State offers healthy options for a college lifestyle

[set_id=72157635373999906] Many students are faced with the challenge of staying healthy on a college campus, a struggle that often involves weight gain, stress and loss of sleep — but by taking