10 Dec 2018

Supreme Court rejects defunding case against Planned Parenthood

The Supreme Court has declined to review a defunding case that would block most abortion providers from Medicaid, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have decided to turn away the petition

04 Oct 2018

SF State students respond to Kavanaugh testimony

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of her alleged sexual abuse from Brett Kavanaugh in a hearing on Sept. 27, SFSU students react to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to

03 Oct 2018

Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation a step closer to erosion of US

Trump-ism has spread from the executive branch to the GOP and now threatens the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination has been delayed pending an FBI investigation into

02 Oct 2018

Kavanaugh case prompts emotional survivor stories on social media

As the scandal of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh unfolds in front of the public eye, with his defense team consisting of a misogynistic president infamously known to be

25 Sep 2018

Ford and Kavanaugh: Supreme Court deja vu

At a suburban high school party in 1982, a man trapped a woman in a room, pinned her to a bed and began drunkenly groping her as he attempted to

13 Apr 2017

Meet the man who will change your life – Gorsuch confirmed as 113th Supreme Court Justice

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of wikimedia commons” align=”alignright” width=”380″][/media-credit] Justice Neil M. Gorsuch was officially sworn in Monday as the 113th justice to the Supreme Court after he was confirmed last week

16 Feb 2016

U.S. must stand against petty politicians

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of a heart attack Saturday, and Republican senators wasted no time in letting the U.S. know that they would block any attempt by President Barack

26 Jun 2013

Supreme Court dismisses Prop. 8, SF celebrates

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage went viral Wednesday morning with groundbreaking news for gay rights advocates. The high court struck out DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), a