24 Oct 2017

Local artist collective spotlights importance of mental health

Mental health and the excessive use of technology are discussed in the latest exhibit at SF State’s  Associated Students’ art gallery. Macro Waves, an artist collective based in Oakland, held

19 Mar 2017

Hackathon draws hundreds of student techies

The long bunker-shaped building was filled with sounds of boisterous chatter and clicking keyboards as students implemented code. Computers were strewn amid headphones and virtual reality headset-wearing students working late

05 Apr 2016

New app examines economic gap

While a heated conversation about race and economic equality is at a boiling point, a new app for smartphones has come up with a creative solution on how to cool

01 Mar 2016

Global hot spot expands to SF State

SF State added a new wireless system to campus Monday that will work alongside the existing Wi-Fi to allow guests from participating schools to easily access the Internet for free. The system, eduroam, boosts access

07 Feb 2014

Lessen the technology reliance of our generation

Everyday, hundreds of students walk  around SF State with one thing in common: looking down at their phone. This is how we portray our generation to the rest of the

05 Nov 2013

Millenials lose themselves in flashy technology

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta Many associate my generation with its strong love of technology and apparent inability to pull itself away from a flashing screen. This is a misconception though. My