18 Nov 2015

Students voice solidarity at vigil for Paris victims

SF State senior Kareezia Younger said she was in her home, 20 minutes away from the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, when she received an alarmed phone call from her

16 Nov 2015

Facebook is dead to me

In middle school and high school, I used Facebook to post about my day, share pictures of my recent family vacations and see what romantic relationships had formed, but boy, how times

01 Sep 2015

Free The Nipple Campaign: A breast bearing fight for equality

I posted a topless photo of myself on various social media platforms over the weekend– not because I was seeking attention, but because I was trying to prove a point. First, I freed the

28 Apr 2015

Personality portrayed through hairstyles

Hairstyles can be viewed as a personal timeline, a day-to-day freedom of expression that shows how a person has changed over the years. But when I decided to wear my