26 Feb 2019

As BART experiences higher demand, new Transbay crossing may be the answer

As more people rely on public transportation each year in the Bay Area, BART is considering adding a second Transbay crossing to keep up with its growing ridership. The demand

05 Feb 2019

‘Power to the Pedal’ program highlights cycling benefits

Commuting is a big part of SF State’s culture. Students come from all over the area and use all forms of transportation to get to and from class. One form

18 Dec 2018

Ditch your car for your wallet, environment

Whether you’re a regular reader of the Golden Gate Xpress or a casual passerby on our website and social media, you’ve probably seen some of our coverage on commuter woes. 

18 Oct 2018

Commuter podcast Ep.1

One of the most prevalent aspects about working or going to school in San Francisco is that not all of us are able to actually live here. For many of

17 Sep 2018

Electric scooters to return to city streets

After a rocky start in San Francisco, electric scooter rentals will soon be back on city streets thanks to a pilot program that’s tentatively granting two companies permission to operate.

30 Oct 2017

Shuttle lines remain long despite MUNI line passes provided by GatorPass

Midway through this semester, students riding SF State shuttles are experiencing longer wait times on campus than in the past, even with the new Gator Pass provided earlier this semester.

09 Oct 2017

Emerging Electric Skateboard Scene at SF State

Students whizzing around on electric skateboards are becoming more of a common sight at SF State. The latest e-boards are proving to be legitimate modes of transportation while being fun

20 Sep 2017

Pricey commute for North Bay students

For Eden Yohannes, coming to SF State from Petaluma can cost up to $26 a day. She and other students from the North Bay often commute because they cannot afford

02 Mar 2016

Public transportation safety concerns pose issues for SF State

The University Police Department and Parking and Transportation have created a new policy after the California Highway Patrol recently conducted routine inspections on several of the campus shuttle buses provided by Transmetro.

31 Mar 2015

Recent luxury bus lines beneficial for future of transportation

San Francisco is a place of opportunity. While some move here to start a business, others move for the plentiful jobs this metropolis has to offer. The opportunity to live

28 Jan 2015

A slew of new shuttles arrive for students on first days of semester

New shuttle bus service made available for student commuters to on beginning days of the spring 2015 semester

03 Dec 2013

New shuttles shorten students’ wait time for daily commute

Last month, the University invested $83,000 to add two additional shuttles to the fleet that transports students from the Daly City BART station to campus, in order to accommodate the

22 Oct 2013

The end of the BART strike frees Bay Area from commuting stress

The BART strike is over and the 30,000 students, faculty and staff at SF State, along with the rest of the Bay Area, can finally rest easy knowing trains will

18 Oct 2013

SF State endures day one of BART strike

Friday, commuters across the Bay Area awoke to the painful realization that this was day one of a BART strike. Union representatives announced Thursday night their employees would walk off

15 Oct 2013

Transit talks continue to threaten students’ commutes

SF State students and faculty, along with the rest of the Bay Area, anxiously await the outcome of the BART negotiations as labor talks continue to drag on and commuters

08 Oct 2013

BART strike threatens students’ Friday commute

As labor talks continue between BART management and its unions, commuters across the Bay Area look for different ways to commute — and that includes SF State students like 24-year-old Danielle

10 Sep 2013

City and campus must negotiate for cheaper student transportation

Eighty-nine percent of SF State students live off-campus, which makes transportation critical to our University’s success. But out of all 23 CSU campuses, SF State is the only one that