18 Dec 2018

Master Plan aims to shed commuter campus label

University Enterprises presented a draft proposal at the Dec. 3 Public Forum on the Campus Master Plan meeting that sketched out development and land management at SF State through 2035

16 Oct 2018

SF State to remove baseball field, tennis court

SF State plans to replace its baseball field and tennis courts with a new “eco-space,” leaving the baseball team to move to a high school stadium. The plan, which appears

25 Sep 2018

ASI pushes for permanent food pantry amid administration delays

Thousands of SF State students do not get enough to eat on a day-to-day basis, according to a recent report. Associated Student, Inc. is trying to address their needs, but

09 May 2018

You are what you eat

Students coming and going from the Mashouf Wellness Center can now stop by the newest eatery to hit campus. Clean Bites officially opened up shop on April 5 and has

20 Sep 2017

Two construction projects set to shake up Holloway

  Massive change is on the way for Holloway Avenue as SF State gears up to construct two buildings approved by the CSU Board of Trustees over the summer.  The Creative Arts

13 May 2015

UCorp to strike a deal with beverage vendor

The campus community may soon experience a homogenizing of beverages available at SF State if University Corporation strikes a deal with an official beverage vendor in the coming months. The

04 Apr 2015

University Corporation seeks replacement for Asia Express vendor

University Corporation released a Request For Proposals April 3 inviting businesses to apply for tenancy in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The RFP process will determine which business takes over the

28 Jan 2015

University should focus on healthier food options, not Panda Express

SF State students may soon be a short walk away from dining at the nation’s leader in Chinese fast food if a deal between University Corporation and Panda Express brings

03 Jan 2015

National restaurant chain Panda Express to be possible university vendor

SF State University Corporation may create a new vendor policy and welcome a national restaurant chain to do business on campus in the coming semester. A recent proposal to offer