31 Oct 2018

Undocumented students feel voiceless during elections

As a nearly lifelong member of the Bay Area, junior accounting major and undocumented SF State student Sara Diaz said her inability to vote is unfair in a proclaimed democracy.

10 Feb 2017

Dream Resource Center provides safe space for undocumented students

The SF State community celebrated the opening of the long-awaited Dream Resource Center in the Mary Park Lounge with food, refreshments, speeches and a spoken word performance Tuesday.   “It’s

Miguel Castillo and Ana Morales pose for a photo in front of the make shift photobooth at the IDEAS meeting in the library Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014. Martin Bustamante/Xpress.
14 Nov 2014

Undocumented students come together to share stories and discover opportunities

Given another child’s birth certificate and instructed to lie about his mother’s name, Miguel Castillo was taken by a guide and smuggled across the border at just three years old.

09 Oct 2012

AB 540 cultivates academic opportunities for undocumented students

With the current immigration-conscious political climate and a possible Barack Obama victory this fall, undocumented students could be looking forward to fewer roadblocks along the path to higher education. Acts

05 Sep 2012

Undocumented SF State students wary of deferred action program

President Barack Obama’s unilateral change to immigration enforcement policy announced June 15 could afford many undocumented students an opportunity that most U.S. citizens take for granted – the chance that