University Dance Theater

Student choreographer debuts showcase

April 11, 2018 Life

The University Dance Theater show, “Mortals and Angels,” is a modern dance showcase choreographed by faculty and students of the company. The program consists of eight different performances, but on opening night only six were debuted at SF State. Out of the six, one was fully choreographed by modern dancer, SF State student Jessica DeFranco. ...

Dancers to demonstrate women strength through concert

April 8, 2015 Life

Donned in gruesome face masks, members of SF State’s dance company’s writhed about the stage in a nightmarish dance of demons inspired from ancient Japanese folklore. The company’s upcoming dance piece, “Kijo,” is just one of the many multicultural works featured in this year’s University Dance Theater concert “Return and Renew.” The annual spring concert will exhibit the ensemble’s performance artistry through six ...