20 Feb 2019

Police report of kidnapping and robbery turns out to be grand theft

An initial report of a kidnapping and robbery on Feb. 5 alarmed students at SF State, but was later discovered to be grand theft, according to University police. The incident

12 Dec 2018

Police corporal promotes community-oriented policing

Police Cpl. Enrique Vera Cruz spent six years patrolling SF State, but on Nov. 30, he was especially alert. Vera Cruz had been training Officer David Lin for a week,

03 May 2017

J. The Jewish News of Northern California details rocky history between Wong and Jewish campus community

  J. The Jewish News of Northern California published a duo of damning articles this evening outlining President Wong’s rocky history with the Jewish community on campus. The publication, which covers

12 Apr 2017

University no longer gives letters for emotional support animals

Corrections: A previous version of the article mistakenly stated that ESA’s are covered by Americans with Disabilities Act, and that Dr. Cynthia Kay Chandler was at the University of Texas. A