Graffiti rages against SFSU construction, lack of student housing

August 31, 2018 News 4 Comments

Profanity-laden graffiti denouncing the demolition of student housing units appeared overnight last Wednesday at the construction site located at the Tapia Drive Triangle and the Humanities Building. The demolition is clearing space to build the $81 million Liberal and Creative Arts Building at Tapia Drive and a mixed-use student housing facility on Holloway Avenue near ...

Destruction and vandalism not appropriate route for meaningful protests

December 11, 2014 Opinion

Regardless of their affiliation, a black bloc activist’s purpose is the same; participate in acts of vandalism, build barricades, agitate other protestors to create in-fighting and create general disorientation. Typically aligned with the political ideology of anarchism, they can be an individual or part of a group. This form of activism has increased in popularity in the last few years, ...