SF State fashion: the latest looks from thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more

SF State fashion: the latest looks from thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Nathalie Donche,21, Communications, Jr.

Donche likes to keep her style simple and put together, with a sprinkle of bohemian. She likes to shop at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters but H&M is her favorite. “I don’t really wear necklaces but I love huge rings, big fat turquoise rings, and big silver rings and stuff, I keep the accessories pretty simple, but I like rings, they’re my staple,” said Donche. She likes to draw inspiration from fashion blogs and celebrities like Rosie Hunnington, Kate Moss and Isabel Lucas. Some of her favorite trends are high boots, loose tank tops and leggings.

Jeans: Levis

Tank top: Forever 21

Moccasins: Minnetonka

Snake ring: Francesca’s Collections

Turquoise Ring: H&M

Bag: Francesca’s Collections

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Shelby Stone, 22, Senior, Art with emphasis in Photography

Stone likes to buy her clothes from both large chain store like The Gap and from little boutiques, like Ideal on Haight Street where she used to work. She buying clothes she looks for things that fit her body, that are comfortable, and that she can both dress up and down in. Right now she is really into big patterned scarves and mixing neutrals with denim. She draws her fashion inspiration when walking around the streets of San Francisco.

“ I think you can definitely get inspired in a lot of different ways, the people, the culture, the districts, I think there’s a lot of inspiration all over the city and you can definitely find it everywhere in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley,” said Stone.

Vest: The Gap

Pants: H&M

Bag: Boutique

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Agni Naidu, 20, Sr. Biology, Creative Writing.

Nadidu went to high school in Orange County where she both discovered her passion for the Sweet Lolita fashion and got made fun of for it. Back then she couldn’t afford the brand names like Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Today she uses the money she has saved from working at a research lab to pay for her  collection of about 20 to 30 different skirts and dresses that she mixes and matches with various tops, sweaters and hair pieces. Sweet Lolita fashion is a girly and doll-like style based on the Victorian and French Rococo periods. It is based mostly in Japan but also has a following in France and San Francisco. “ I like the frills and how cute it is and also, I just don’t feel comfortable in pants , I like having a floofy skirt with a petticoat on. It’s so girly that it’s feminist because it’s so out there and female that it’s off putting to a lot of masculine imagery and a lot of men,” Said Naidu.

Purse: Angelic Pretty

Head Piece: Angelic Pretty

Skirt: Made by friend

Shirt: Loyal Army

Over shirt: Forever 21

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Scott Sanders, 20, Jr. Communications

For Sanders, five is the magic number when it comes to fashion. His main priority is to only buy clothes that cost five dollars and under. Although he is willing to spend a bit more for something he really likes, he won’t spend more than five on shirts. He says there are no words to describe his sense of style but more recently he has been trying to keep it classy when he can. “I don’t really care about comfort or even if it’s going to hold together for a long time, If I get to eat it five ties and it goes along with five different outfits then that’s cool,” said Sanders.

Shirt: Lucky Supermarkets

Bag: Bought at Coachella, 2009

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Graeme Jones, 21, Senior, History

Jones’ sense of style come from his personality which he described as out going, active and adventurous. He likes to mix and match bright colors. ” I just like things that stand out, I like to stick out in a crowd,” said Jones. He mostly shops at Skate shops like Vans.

Shoes: Nike

Pants: Urban Outfitters

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Jeremiah Knight, 22, Senior, Communications

Knight would never pay more than $12 dollars on a shirt but for a pair of Jordans he’s willing shelled out $175. He does the majority of his shopping at thrift stores. His strategy is to go to the thrift stores in wealthy parts of the Bay Area because you can find nicer clothing. “The thing about thrifts stores is that there’s an unlimited amount of styles you can get and it’s cheap on top of that,” said Knight. Shoes are another story. Knight says that he only owns eight pairs of Jordans, which isn’t a lot because there are 23 in the entire collection. He also owns other footwear, such as dress shoes and he even bought a pair of shoes from Payless once, but never from a thrift store.

Shirt: Thrift Store

Shorts: Walmart

Jacket: Macy’s

Shoes: Footlocker

SFSU fashion
Photo by Juliana Severe.

Misha Ali Aziz,22, Sr. Cinema/Creative writing,

Aziz says that his style is thrifty, grungy and influenced by 90s hip hop. He likes to layer with outerwear  pieces like leather jackets and denim vests, both for style and for practicality because of San Francisco’s chilly weather. His favorite place to shop is at the Goodwill on Van Ness Avenue, where he says he found things like a cool, old, boomer jacket and a Topman peacoat. He really likes Rickie Vasquez’s style from “My So-Called Life,” a 90s TV show. “Some times I try and be really funky, other times, not so much, like this morning I just threw on a flannel,” said Aziz.

Shirt: Goodwill

Pants: Denim Bar

Jacket: Wastelands



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SF State fashion: the latest looks from thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more