PHOTOS: Festival de las Americas celebrates Latin American independence

La Raza Student Organization celebrated the independence week of Latin American countries at Malcolm X Plaza on Thursday, Sept. 14. Photo by Juliana Severe.


SF State students get ready to compete against each other in a gum blowing contest.


Samera Edwards was the BSU winner of the bubble contest. Photo by Juliana Severe.


Christine Revelo-Lee and Xavier Galindo dance to traditional music as the festivities come to an end. Photo by Juliana Severe.


The Festival de las Americas catches the attention of a passer-byes at Malcolm X Plaza. Photo by Juliana Severe.

Colorful banners and vibrant displays of culture decorated Malcolm X Plaza Sept. 14 in celebration of various independence days for Latin American countries. The Festival de las Americas, put on by La Raza Student Organization, included dancing, contests, music and food from countries celebrating their independence.