San Francisco Sheriff: get to know the candidates

The primary function of the San Francisco Sheriff is to oversee the operation of the county jails as well as to supervise release and rehabilitation programs. Michael Hennessey is the current sheriff.

San Francisco Sheriff
Photo courtesy of Chris Cunnie.

Chris Cunnie, 57, is a former police union boss and wants to work with communities to address specific problems. He intends to rehabilitate criminals to prevent them from becoming repeat offenders, improve public safety and facilitate safe and cost-reduced jail operations.

San Francisco Sheriff
Photo courtesy of Ross Mirikami.

Ross Mirkarimi, 50, is a former armed San Francisco district attorney investigator and current district 5 supervisor. Mirkarimi wishes to improve prisoner education and rehabilitation, enhance jail safety and expand diversity hiring.

San Francisco Sheriff
Photo courtesy of Paul Miyamoto.

Paul Miyamoto believes his 15 years of experience as a deputy sheriff make him a desirable contender for sheriff. Miyamoto thinks that his experience will give him the ability to streamline rehabilitation services and increase overall public safety.

San Francisco Sheriff
Photo courtesy of David Wong.

David Wong has served both as a sheriff deputy and as president of the Sheriff Deputy Association. Wong wants to use an incarcerated workforce to keep San Francisco clean and work with city unions to provide job training.