Campus crime update: search and rescue, a fare evader and another thief

Here’s an update on campus crimes that occurred from Nov. 14. to Nov 28.

Friends stick together

A student asked police to help locate their missing, drunk friend Tuesday, Nov. 15. The drunk friend was found semi-conscious near the Creative Arts building. The two friends looked to each other, singing, “reunited and it feels so good.” The drunk friend was not in need of medical assistance and was left with their best buddy.

Free Ride

Being a taxi driver is tough, especially when drunk people are vomiting in the back, while talking about “Breaking Dawn.” One person, who was barred from returning to campus the day before, took a cab to SF State and refused to the pay the driver. Police responded and cited the cheapskate for returning to campus.

More bike thefts

A student reported that their bike was stolen from the bike rack in front of the Humanities building November 16. The estimated cost of the bike was $975. Hopefully the student asked Santa for a new one come December.


There was a car accident involving a University courtesy shuttle November 17. While no injuries were reported, the incident blocked traffic, causing campus police to assist with traffic control. For the first time in history, taking Muni may be safer.