The new Liberal and Creative Arts Building currently under construction is just phase one of a four-phase SF State Master Plan that will eliminate Tapia Drive altogether and turn it into a quad, according to the Creative Arts and Holloway Mixed-Use Project Final Report issued in March 2017.

SF State’s first new academic building in 24 years will soon begin to rise from the now demolished student housing units at the Tapia Drive Triangle. The change will also remove several parking spots along Tapia Drive. It’s part of a plan to move away from a commuter campus model into a live-in campus model, according to the Future State Workshop 3 Summary

The LCA Building is the only academic building that is being constructed in phase one. Also part of the plan are a mixed-used facility at Holloway Avenue near 19th Street that will provide housing to freshmen, and a mixed-use lecture and concert hall behind the LCA Building, where Font Boulevard meets Holloway Avenue. 

The LCA Building will cost $81 million and will replace the old broadcast and electronic communications arts (BECA) space in the 50-years-old Creative Arts Building. The space had “serious” deficiencies with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act and building codes, according to a budget report by interim Vice President of Administration and Finance Ann M. Sherman.

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  1. A.Goodman
    September 14, 2018 at 12:04 am

    Environmental nightmare caused by the U.Corp and negatively effects housing affordability citywide while ignoring transit and traffic impacts and carbon emissions….. Reporter needs to expand a bit and read about the impacts of demolition of sound housing and rent control issues in D7