UPDATED: Two computers stolen from Humanities building recovered at pawn shop

UPDATE April 3, 6:30 p.m.: Two desktop computers belonging to SF State have been recovered at a local pawn shop after an apparent burglary that took place at the Humanities building early Monday morning.

San Francisco police have arrested a suspect who is not a student and not affiliated with the University, according to SF State spokeswoman Ellen Griffin.

University police and SFPD are investigating the break-in and stolen property, respectively. UPD requests anyone who witnessed the burglary or who has more information call their tip line at (415) 338-3030.

A break-in was reported on the first floor of the Humanities building at 5:28 a.m., according to Griffin.

Though the University cannot confirm that any items are missing, a confidential source reported that someone attempted to sell two iMac computers labeled as property of SF State to a pawn shop this afternoon.

It is unclear if the reported pawn shop incident and the break-in are related.

Police were on the scene before any administrators arrived at the building. Although the University reported that windows had been broken, the extent and estimated cost of the damage is still unknown.