Former cheer coach pleads guilty to embezzlement, sentencing April 8

After nearly six months of court appearances, former SF State cheer coach Ashlee Nicole Haley pled guilty to one count of embezzlement today after being initially charged with taking $20,000 from her teammates and spending it on personal expenditures.

The prosecution recommended to Judge Jeff Ross that Haley be sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of community service and pay restitution in the amount of $14,864.02. Ross will officially sentence Haley April 8 at 9 a.m. at the Hall of Justice.

When Haley last appeared in court March 1, the defense and the prosecution were haggling over the amount of restitution, with Haley claiming that some of the money she was charged with embezzling actually did go for her teammates’ uniforms. The final amount she must pay back reflects this.

As a part of her probation, Haley will also have to submit to searches at any time with or without probable cause.

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