Be safe: What to do in tsunami emergency

By Hang Cheng – special to [X]press
[email protected]

To-do list in case tsunami hits San Francisco:
1. Don’t panic.
2. Stay away from the beaches and coastal areas.
3. Pay attention to the news, alarms and any other announcement. Tune in to emergency broadcast stations, KCBS 740 am for English or KSJO 92.3 fm for Spanish
4. Be prepared to move to higher ground.
5. Know where to evacuate.
a. Richmond district residents should move eastbound, above 47th avenue.
b. Sunset district residents should move eastbound, above 45th avenue.
c. Zoo area residents should move eastbound, above Sloat boulevard Sunset boulevard.
6. Know your evacuation assembly location in your neighborhood. At the assembly location, buses will take you to shelters.
a. In Richmond district, the assembly location is George Washington High School, at 600 32nd Avenue, near Anza St.
b. In Sunset district
i. Francis Scott Key Elementary School, 1530 43rd Ave., near Kirkham Street.
ii. A.P. Giannini Middle School, 3151 Ortega St., between 37th avenue and 39th avenue.
iii. Independence High School, 3045 Santiago St., near 42nd avenue.
iv. Ulloa Elementary School, 2650 42nd Ave., near Vicente street.
c. Zoo area
i. Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Dr.
7. Take only essentials; do not over pack.
8. When evacuation is ordered, follow the authorities’ instructions and be orderly.

All evacuation information is according to City & County of San Francisco Emergency Response Plan Tsunami Response Annex.