VIDEO: SF State Cheerleading Team offer support for sports teams and each other


SF State students poised together in Malcolm X Plaza, preparing to launch into an acrobatic performance. Their white, gold and purple uniforms shone in the sun, while their physical presence drew students near.

Together they make up the SF State cheerleading team, which is made up of many members who are tumbling for the first time.

“This is a bittersweet moment for the team,” said Ryan Ron, an SF State cheerleader. “Many will now be focusing on their studies.”

The team is actively searching for a new coach who will bring new ideas to the team that will propel them to greater heights.

“We’re looking to change the mentality of the team and even make this team professional,” said Zachary Cohen, SF State Cheer advisor.

The new cheerleading team is looking forward to fresh start and hopefully a new coach who will take them to greater heights.

Find out more about the cheerleading team at their website and myspace profile.