News Brief: Wong meets with students and faculty as tensions over potential Ethnic Studies cuts rise


photograph by James Chan / Xpress

In a meeting with President Leslie E. Wong Thursday morning, students, faculty and members of the campus community gathered to list their demands in response to news of potential spending cuts to the College of Ethnic Studies.

Nikko Martinez, the president of the Ethnic Studies Student Resource and Empowerment center, was impressed with the student turnout at the meeting.

“I think we made our voices heard,” Martinez said. “That room was filled. We demonstrated that we have a right to our education and to our histories.”

Jonathan Morales, director of news and new media, reiterated Wong’s statements.

“I think what the President said at today’s meeting was very clear,” Morales said. “The University will cover this deficit for the following year to provide the University, the dean, faculty and staff time to plan and talk about moving forward.”
Wong promised to respond to the list of student and faculty demands by 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 29.

photograph by James Chan / Xpress
photograph by James Chan / Xpress