Shannon Deloso defeats Evan Gothelf to become ASI president

Shannon Deloso became the next Associated Students, Inc. president after defeating Evan Gothelf by 100 votes. She is a fourth-year Asian American studies major and has big plans for the next year.

Deloso stands for the Students for Trust Equity and Progressions United through Passion platform. She believes her four years of experience at SF State is enough to lead the organization as a president.

“I’ve proven to myself that I’m more than capable of being an agent of change or leading groups of people in a way that not only helps them to better themselves but also to better our community,” Deloso said. “There are so many things that need to be fixed and relationships that can be built on or repaired on this campus.”

Deloso previously served as the Ethnic Studies Student Representative and corporate secretary for ASI. As a freshman she pledged for Kappa Psi Epsillon, a cultural and community-based sorority that focuses on empowering Filipina women. She has also helped with ASI Project Connect, which primarily focuses on helping out low-income students.

In her opinion, the biggest issue on campus at the moment is the underfunding of the University.

“I think that there are a lot of good opportunities that could be here not only for the students but for faculty as well,” Deloso said. “I’d like to show that our students already have the potential, we just have to give them the resources to do it.”

One thing that Deloso would really like to see changed at SF State is the campus involvement with ASI.

“I feel like not a lot of people are involved, and I want to be that bridge and make sure that ASI can be that bridge for everybody to have a good experience in college,” Deloso said.

Deloso’s term starts at the beginning of Fall 2016 and continues through Spring 2017.