What advice would you give your freshman self?

Advice from 2016 SF State graduates:

Dahn Quang Nguyen: double major in decision sciences and information systems

  • To be bold and ask questions. To speak as much as to listen. But listen with empathy and seek to understand others beyond their barriers. To help others is to help oneself. To seek answer is to make peace with oneself. Fear not for what is to come, life is short and shifts are uncertain. Let’s learn to breathe and balance our emotions. For time is rhythmic, can you seek it’s pattern?

Elena Roldan: business administration major

  • Stop procrastinating. YouTube can wait. Sleep is so precious. Also, relax. Don’t work so hard. Take time to hang out with friends and try new things.

Estevan Francisco Lopez: double major in economics and statistics

  • I would tell my freshman self to not be discouraged if things don’t pan out the way you want them to. Everything happens for a reason, so continue to strive for your goals and make your dreams a reality.

 Melia Gabriel: creative writing major with a minor in French

  • Take time to make friends in your department. You never know who you’ll meet down the road.

Ryana S. Barbosa: Master of Business Administration Candidate, nonprofit and social enterprise leadership

  • I’d tell my freshman self to oversubscribe for all the amazing events, student organizations, and guest lectures uniquely available to students. You’ll never have as much free time, energy, or access as you do when you’re a curious and industrious 17 year old in a world-class city.

Sana Aaser: Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in equity and social justice

  • Consider every opportunity and say yes more than you say no. You never know where it will lead you.

 Shadia Savo: Master of Arts in English

  • That was a long time ago, but I guess my advice would be to make sure and do as many things outside of my comfort zone as possible, even just in the classes to take. The classes I got the most out of were the ones I was the most uncomfortable in – either because the writing style was different than my own or the subject was difficult to discuss or I knew little about it. This is where I was challenged and where I made the most growth.

Souraya Al-Alaoui: broadcasting and electronic communication arts major

  • I  would tell my freshman self to be present and soak it all in, because time flies and nothing will be the same again.

Rene Juarez: Master of Arts in English

  • Advice? Not a single thing. I had to figure things out for myself, I would never undo that.
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What advice would you give your freshman self?