Gator baseball, student-athletes rock the Swamp in support of men’s basketball


#33 Jash Kahlon cheers with fans after SF State Gators beat Cal State Golden Eagles 93-68 in the CCAA basketball championships at San Francisco State University on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. (Xpress/Sarahbeth Maney)

Anyone who’s seen an SF State men’s basketball game at Don Nasser Family Plaza this season has most likely noticed a lot of raucous, energized Gators cheering on their fellow student-athletes from behind the baseline.

Some of the most energetic of those in the student-athlete section are the members of the baseball team who have attended “about 90 percent” of the basketball team’s home games this season according to senior infielder Bryce Brooks.

“The baseball team is insane. I love those guys to death,”  senior men’s basketball forward/center, AJ Kahlon said. “The energy they bring to our home games, it’s electrifying. It makes us want to go out that much harder.”

Junior second baseman, Zac Neumann, said the baseball team knows how important it is to have school spirit and support SF State’s athletes.

“Energy from the crowd can play a major factor in the success of a team so we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to help our team win,” he said.

Part of that support involves a dress code.

“We always coordinated what to wear to the games,” Neumann said.  “We came up with different themes throughout the year.”

Among those were a golf theme, a beach theme and a sports jersey theme.

Brooks said starting pitcher, Dillon Houser, is usually the one to inform the baseball team when it will be a theme night and what the theme is going to be.

Neumann said they went with the jersey theme for last Tuesday’s conference playoff game against Cal State LA, which the Gators won 93-67, because the team won during the previous jersey night.

“Seeing our guys win such a big game like that last home game was awesome because afterward they were intentionally coming to us and showing their appreciation,” Neumann said. “It made us feel like we were a part of the team and a part of the victory.”

“We have a really tight community within our athletic department, it’s really nice,” head basketball coach, Paul Trevor, said. “We were 13-1 in the Swamp. No (opponent) wants to come to the Swamp and part of that is because we have such great student-athletes and student support.”

Trevor wants his team to be grateful for the support they receive from other students and student-athletes.

“All these programs work just as hard and they’re all working for the same goal so we want to support each other,” he said.

“It is always fun to go to those basketball games because I feel like we act as a 6th man on the court and it really affects the opposing teams that come into the Swamp,” Brooks said.