Crestlove Podcast

Crestlove Podcast

The Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia is just around the corner. Crestlove is a podcast for soccer fans around campus and beyond that share the same enthusiasm and passion for soccer as we do. This podcast gives insight as to who we think our favorite teams will be to win the World Cup and who will be some of the most outstanding players in Russia.

Rob: hello everyone welcome to crest love

this is the very first edition this podcast deals with everything footy and

World Cup, World Cup is just a couple of months away and that’s pretty much what

we’re gonna be talking here on on the first episode of crests love and we’re

gonna introduce Marisol.

Marisol: Hi yeah so hello there my name is Marisol Cabrera and I

actually believe that soccer is genetic since my entire family are soccer

Fanatics. I’m also a Chivas fan for life and I’ve been watching soccer from a very young age and at first I wasn’t really into soccer but I got into it one more once I started watching the World Cup of 2006 because I remember all my family together and watching all the games and rooting for all the teams none of them were like our favorite teams but we would watch it match and it was just a fun time.

Rob: And I’m your co-host. I’m Rob Jalon and man what can you say about the beautiful game I mean my first word was goal so from, from being born I’ve just had some kind of

connection to football and you know I saw my cousin play professionally in my

parents home country of Ecuador and I think that’s really where it just it

just I found out it was also genetic for me and that’s why we started this

podcast to talk about everything football and our love of the game.

Marisol: Yeah definitely, so I guess some of your favorites to play for this um World Cup I would probably say I’m looking forward to seeing Mexico because obviously you’re Mexican and I cheer for he way but I know they still have a long way to go but I do feel like favorites to win would probably be Germany because the have a really strong team this time but I do really want to see somebody else win because I feel like Germany and Brazil have already won too many World Cups already.

Rob: Like who do you want to see win?

Marisol: I feel like I would like to see win one of the dark horses like Belgium or Iceland or Denmark or someone or even an underdog maybe they can come up you know.

Rob: Like who who? who’s your dream underdog.

Marisol:  My dream underdog would probably Peru.

Rob: Yeah that would be a really really amazing story. First time in a long time Peru who makes it in they go on to win that would be a definite cinderella story. You know let’s be honest, the favorites gotta be the Germans again, the defending champions. Neymar and the attacking force that Brazil has they got to be a favorite as well. And yeah I mean France is also just so deep all over they’re squad. I mean you have an incredible midfield there with Blaise Matuidi and Pogba you have Anthony Martial, upfront with Antoine Griezmann. I mean it’s just just a stack stack squad and yeah I agree Belgium is gotta be a dark horse just because they’re they’re also so deep I mean Kevin de Bruyne is playing crazy football right now and and Eden Hazard is playing amazing amazing ball. So yeah, they’re definitely got to be up line on a lot of bookies.

Marisol:  Yeah, and they’re definitely one of the favorites to win as well. They rank 5 in the World Cup right now, so we’re expecting big big ones from them.

Rob: So, we’ve already mentioned a couple of different different names you know Antoine Griezmann, Eden Hazard. Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

Marisol: Well obviously from the Mexican side I really want to see Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. I know he hasn’t been on top of his game a lot, a lot since the last World Cup when he made it big on I believe was in South Africa. But I am looking also forward to see Hector Herrera, he’s very good and also Jesus Corona. He is gonna be a top on shoe as well he’s gonna be one of the key players for the Mexico to into the next round. So I’m really looking for that I’m on that side.  But again like how you said um and Eden Hazzard from Belgium was also one of my top favorite picks as the players and also I’m really looking forward to seeing um Mohamed Salah from Egypt. He’s one of the ones I was I was really impressed when I saw his scorecard, his personal scorecard, he’s a really fast player.

Rob: Yeah he just came off scoring four goals this past weekend for Liverpool so I mean he’s he’s in terrific form right now. Egypt qualified incredibly big. Big amazing happening for the country so yeah Mohamed Salah playing crazy football right now as well and he is gonna go into the World Cup in the form of live and let’s see what he can do for for his country Egypt. Now Messi just won a record yesterday or the day before saying that this is probably the last opportunity for himself and a lot of his colleagues there on the Argentinian national team to maybe win it all. I really feel like his legacy takes a hit if they don’t if they don’t advance or

make it deep into the the tournament. I mean he’s Leo Messi, he’s probably the best in the world, but you know you got to feel like he’s got to do something big this tournament.

Marisol: Yes definitely I like there’s always something missing on his part every time he plays with Argentina and I mean like you know just for him to collect all his trophies everything that it had he has he needs this World Cup he needs to win this, otherwise maybe I’m like is it even questionable to ask; is he the best player in the world cuz I mean like without that I feel like there’s something there’s always something in there that he always needs.

Rob: So somebody tells you here’s $100 make a world cup champion bet right now who are you going with?

Marisol: Mmm, I’ll go with Germany I’m still rooting for Germany to win. I’m expecting them to win.

They’re not my favorite to win but I’m expecting them to win so I’m gonna go with Germany. Who would you say?

Rob: You know somebody we haven’t mentioned at all and I’m gonna say it’s Spain just out of nowhere just because they’re all so incredibly talented and I feel like we’ve been sleeping on them this whole first episode. Well I’m not sleeping on you Spain, I’m picking you to win the entire thing again. So you guys heard it here first on the very first edition of crest love I’m picking Spain to win the entire thing, 2018 in Russia Spain’s gonna be World Cup champion once again.

Marisol: And I am picking Germany to take it all the way again for this World Cup so they can gain their sixth title.

Rob: Alright guys we’ll see you next episode where we talk about the games we were most looking forward to seeing in the first round be well.

Marisol: Alright right stay tuned. Bye.

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