Students join Marriott strikers march on Saturday


Striking Marriott workers across the country are persevering as they head into their third week of protest, spurred on by continuous media coverage of demonstrations on the street, all of which is taking a toll on hotel operations.

The San Francisco Labor Council is planning a solidarity march for Saturday, Oct. 20 at 9 a.m. on Yerba Buena Lane, a plaza on Market Street between 3rd and 4th Street, which will involve hundreds of protestors including 15 SF State students from six different majors, according to student Kiley Wyart.

Up to 1,000 people participated in a march last week resulting in 41 workers being arrested for blocking the street, an act of nonviolent civil disobedience, said Anand Singh, President of UNITE HERE Local 2, the organizing group behind the hotel workers strike.

“We appreciate our community’s overwhelming support for Marriott hotel workers on strike in San Francisco and across the country,” Singh stated in a press release. “Going on strike is a huge sacrifice for working families, so it means a lot that so many community members are planning to march with us on Saturday and have demonstrated their solidarity by cancelling business with Marriott.”

The action has had an impact on the San Francisco Marriott with at least one major conference deciding to move rather than cross picket lines. According to a statement the Communications Network website, CEO Sean Gibbons said his group’s three-day conference, which has more than 850 attendees, had relocated its events.

“Our commitment was to not cross a picket line… and to respect the dignity of hotel workers exercising their voice and their power,” stated Gibbons.

Other organizations including Shanti Project, Chicana Latina Foundation, and Bay Area Wilderness Training have also cancelled planned events with Marriott hotels.